Call it what you like.

Curiosity, ingenuity, sensuality and strength is who I am.

I will get inside of you.

I have always wanted to push harder, deeper. More is my favourite word. Meet me, it will become your favourite too.


Do not mistake my sensuality with words for a precocious wrapping. What you see is who I am. A curvaceous redhead, and British Vixen, I have been a London based Dominatrix, Switchy Dominant, Mistress, Seductrix, Disciplinarian and all round pervert since 2012, and a professional in the scene since 2013. My calling has always been to the dark arts of kink and BDSM. I like to play. Well spoken, intelligent, elegant, and with a wicked sense of humour. I am a wild English Rose, complete with thorns. Feral and Classic. Erotic and Playful. A Redhead London Dominatrix with her feet on the ground and eyes full of mischief. Sensuality is who I am, do not confuse it for theatrics.

Do not let my smile deceive you. I am warm, communicative, and nourishing when I need to be, but pain, and deep exploration of surrender is where I find my deepest pleasure. I was born a sadist, and nothing fills me with passion like knowing that we will dig a little deeper together. Let’s throw away the rules of common decency and the boredom of normality, and make a world together. I want to delve deep and shape you and help you push the edges of the self you know. If you are new here, and just exploring your desires, I am well versed in initiating those who are new to kink and BDSM, so do reach out. I can be cruel and kind in equal measure, and will happily lead you through that door.

I am a crucible and catalyst. I am creation and destruction, artist and sensualist, instinctively. In other lives, I have performed, devised intimate spaces where deeper desires are revealed, held workshops, play spaces, made clothing, costume, masks, art, poetry, and it’s this creativity I bring into my kink. Walking into the shadow is what I do best. Nothing brings me more joy than teasing out your deepest desires and leading you into submission to me. Surrender. Trust. Let go, and lose yourself in my hands.

With your willing flesh and my supple imagination, I will make you feel things you didn’t know you could.

My curiosity has always lead me, and so far it has gained me innumerable skills in pain and pleasure. Amongst them a deep knowledge of Corporal Punishment, Impact Play and School Scenes, Role Play, Prison scenario, Shibari and Bondage, CBT, Gender Affirmation Play, Slave Training, Trampling, Leather worship, Gorean positions, Medical Scenarios, and much more. Taboo subjects are my sweet spot. I have much experience in queer environments, and as such do not assume gender in my play – come as who you are, I will not call it into question lest you wish that. I have been a teacher at Whipstock School since 2013, bring naughty boys to their knees with a cane, and have sunk deeper into the shadow arts of BDSM since then. Come on in a little deeper, and find out.

I will pull you apart and put you back together again.

Get in contact to book a session now, or take a look around to get to know me better.