Well, hello world.

Having looked attentively through this site, spent much time being distracted by my gallery, and having decided to start us off on the right foot by personally selecting a gift from my wishlist for me and sending it, you may now be wondering why it is that despite 8 years experience as a Professional Kink worker, my website is so fresh, and possibly still quite bare.

Well, let’s dig into that together. Let’s make this first blog a little get-to-know-you.

As you have already seen, I have been at this a good long time. However, my career has been subject to it’s own rhythms. When I first sunk into the world of Pro Domination, it was a very natural and organic process for me. I actually began some 10 years ago on the other end of the cane, as a switch and spanking girl (shock horror), which I believe is one of the reasons I am so damn good at this. Honestly, if you are so small minded that this bothers you at all now, cock-off. I have been there. I have know what it is like to surrender, to find pleasure in pain, and delight in dread. My masochist danced equally with my sadist then. I began in another world, and as I grew clientele, I noticed that I was attracting mostly very switchy people into my professional life. As time went by, I learnt my way around controlling the men in my life, and around a dungeon, in particular I became quite effective with a cane. As I blossomed into my inner Dominance, seductrix oozed from me, my reputation exceeded me, and I began to find that I was being recommended word of mouth by gentlemen in the community. A real natural. I was so lucky to have made the natural ascension into my power, and to have it so well recognised.

For some years, I continued to grow my reputation, and became involved with many other sideline kink adventures, including holding day-long semi-authentic school days with Whipstock Grange (http://spankingschooldays.co.uk) which I still host at least once a year, I never really needed for a website, and I had no knowledge or inclination to do so, so I never created one, I just followed with low effort the organic route, and all was well. Young and vibrant, I had my hands in many juicy and exciting pies, as a fiery young vixen should, and divided my attention across a multitude of worlds. My kink supported me, as did many other pillars.

But eternal sunshine brings the world to burn, and as strikes us all eventually, I had a hard blow in my mid-twenties. My maternal figure died, dramatically, over a year. It was the most singularly difficult thing to happen in my life. My experience of grief, and how I now understand it to be one of the most valuable, terrifying, vivid, and surreal experiences of walking in shadow, and how my awareness of the deeper realms of that experience now directly nourishes my love of BDSM and kink is a topic for another time. But suffice to say it was hard. It was a catalyst for many things in my life. I talk openly and easily about it now because I believe that we must, but grief for me left much unanchored. And because of that, I widely retracted from professional kink for some time, keeping only relationships with those that knew me, and could be helpful and serve me, and not sap at my limited attention. To say it was hard is to brush over it. To lose those foundational people who teach us how to see the world is to lose ones vision for a while.

This time away from the life I had made was integral to who I am now. It made me entirely rethink my value system, to reassess who I was, and what I wanted, and realise that I wish my life to be full of vibrance and hard-earned integrity. I pulled up my silk stockings and stepped back into my power with more presence than ever before. As I began to return to being a Professional Dominatrix in a wider realm, I realised I wanted to do it in a way that feeds my creativity, truly embraces my own absolute Dominance, my love for the darkness in us all, and stretch myself (and others…). To revel in my power, to know it, to share it, to affect others with it. And so, here we are. A new way of doing things. A website. An online presence. One that will reflect my honesty, my desire, my interest, and my magic, my will. Welcome to my world, it’s dark in here and full of surprises.

3 thoughts on “Well, hello world.”

  1. I am fascinated by Your history,Your description Miss Hyde.
    I like You as alchemical mistress,because I am into Ormus too,Goddess Hyde.
    I live in Italy so I can’t plan to visit U.K in this covid time.
    I dont give up however for a session online, because I like satanism,occult,rituals, devil initiation.

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